Sorosilicate: Al13Si5O20(OH,F)18Cl

Mohs: 7

Source: Big Bertha Mine, Dome Rock Mountains, La Paz County, Arizona, USA

Zunyite is a rare Sorosilicate mineral, Al13Si5O20(OH,F)18Cl, composed of aluminium, silicon, hydrogen, chlorine, oxygen, and fluorine. It was named after the Zuni mine in Colorado.

Zunyite crystals fluoresce under UV light, emanating a beautiful bright pink to orange hue.

Zunyite is a beacon of higher dimensional wisdom and a key to access other planes of consciousness.

Zunyite can be used in deep meditation to travel into other dimensions of time and space while anchoring your spiritual self to the physical plane to ground the wisdom into the conscious mind..

Zunyite is a high vibration stone that can be used to facilitate communication with extra-dimensional beings.


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