Zuni Doube Drop Ring



Zuni Double Drop Ring

This Zuni Double Drop Ring was made by the  Zuni tribe, now located in North Western New Mexico, they were the second Native American group to learn Mexican silversmithing techniques.

Navajo artist Atsidi Chon initially taught the art to a member of the Zuni tribe. Their artisans refined the Navajo cluster work technique, characterized by a series of shaped stones glued into bezel settings.

Cluster work later evolved into the more intricate petit point and needlepoint styles.

Zuni craftspeople are renowned for their skill with inlay, a technique in which multiple stones are pieced together to form a single image.

Colourful stones are cemented into channels created by soldering pieces of silver to a backing plate.

The stones are then polished flat, resulting in a gorgeous multicoloured figure with veins of silver running through it.


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