Zebra Jasper


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Zebra Jasper (Zebra Marble)

Microgranular Quartz and/or Chalcedony: SiO2

Zebra Jasper is a wonderful stone for meditation and centering. It will increase your appreciation for the joys of life. It stimulates the transition to the astral plane. 

Zebra Jaspers energy is very motivating, ii mood lifting and energetic. 

It encourages a generous, loving interpretation of the people in your life, helping you see beneath the superficial face of others to see their true nature in a loving light. Zebra stone is particularly effective at protecting your aura as it is a stability or grounding stone. 

Zebra Jasper is one of the best stones for pain management. It is used to treat bone, teeth and gum issues, as well as vitamin deficiencies, muscle spasms, and heart palpitations. Zebra stone stimulates physical energy and is a good stone for athletes.