Whitby Jet



Whitby Jet.

Whitby Jet  has a Mohs of  2.5

Source: Whitby in Yorkshire,

Whitby Jet is black fossilized coal (Lignite) of the Monkey Puzzle Tree and 182 million years old. It is also known as ‘Black Amber’.

The Romans saw Jet as a magical material, frequently used in amulets and pendants because of its supposed protective qualities and ability to deflect the gaze of the evil eye.

Whitby Jet objects were exported from Eboracum ( York) all over Roman Britain and into Europe.

It was made fashionable by Queen Victoria as mourning jewelry.

Known from the Bronze Age and mined by both the Vikings and Romans.

Jet dispels fear, calms, and reduces stress. It wards off evil protects the wearer from violence and illness.

It stabilises finances and protects during business activities and travel.

Prevents depression and excessive emotional involvement. Aids grieving. Good for headaches, migraines, glands, and colds

Like Amber, Jet will hold a static electrical charge by rubbing.

Chakra: Base.

Anniversary: 26th.

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