Vulcanite (Que Sera Stone)


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Vulcanite (Que Sera / Llanoite) is a mix of Quartz, Calcite. Kaolinite, Magnetite, Clinozorsite & Leucozene

Vulcanite assists communication with spirit guides. and helps show lee-purpose & supports making changes towards the future. Unblocks meridians and recharges energy & protect from electromagnetic waves. 

Vulcanite lifts depression, anger, stress, anxiety & fear. Aligns personal power with Divine Will and brings joy, authenticity, perception, and motivation. 

It teaches about boundaries, surrender, and trust. 

Vulcanite brings clarity, grounding, and the ability to live in the moment. 

It is good for self-defeatism, panic attacks, grief, rage, cellular disorder, CFS, adrenals & stress-related conditions such as IBS.