Vera Cruz Amethyst



Vera Cruz Amethyst

Silicon Dioxide: Si02

Source: Piedra Parada, Las Vigas de Ramirez, Mexico.

Vera Cruz Amethyst forms as small, often double-terminated points and the colour range is very pale mauve, pale lavender, pale purple to pale violet, often the colour being most obvious at the tip of the terminations.

The frequency of Vera Cruz Amethyst connects to the third eye and crown chakras, opening and activating these chakras so that one’s consciousness is open to higher dimensional impulses and brings a feeling of calmness and serenity.

Vera Cruz Amethyst has a lighter energetic “feel” so that you are consciously in a “place of calm” to receive higher guidance and to see life’s experiences from the “higher perspective”.

Vera Cruz Amethyst can be a source of relief for anxiety, migraines, and insomnia. It can aid in overcoming addiction and breaking bad habits.


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