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Large Tugtupite Piece.

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Beryllium Aluminium Tectosilicate: Na4(AlBeSi4O12)Cl

Mohs: 4

Source: Greenland

The name is derived from the Greenlandic Inuit word for reindeer (tuttu), and means “reindeer blood.”

It is tenebrescent, meaning that it possesses the fascinating ability to change color when it is exposed to sunlight.

Under ultraviolet radiation, it has a crimson fluorescence, and it is a non-radioactive substance.

Tugtupite (also known as the reindeer stone) is an emotional stone. It can protect one from negative energy of many kinds by wearing or carrying the stone and is often sought for this shielding property.

It is also helpful for removing energy blockages, and to clear the aura.

Tugtupite is reputed to strengthen romantic relationships, and expand the love and sexual experience, and cure depressions.

Physically Tugtupite is used in general healing, purifying the blood, to stimulate hormone production, and increase fertility. Tugtupite opens and clears the heart chakra, and will also activate and integrate all the chakras.