Tsesit Stone



Tsesit Stone

Tsesit Stone comes from Tses, Namibia.

This stone is from the Namibian Desert in the south of Namibia.

The name of the stone comes from Tses, a village in the Karas Region in Namibia.

Known as a Talisman stone, this rare stone has been used since time immemorial.

Especially by the San, the indigenous hunter-gatherer people of Southern Africa. They have left their mark in southern Africa for more than 20,000 years.

After much speculation, Tsesit Stone was initially believed to be a meteorite, but after research and more questions than answers, the stone was analyzed in more detail in 2010.

Experts now almost agree that it is a variety of Goethite created by the diagenesis of Marcasite.

It can also improve the depth of sleep and triggers fear behavior in dreams.

Tsesit has a brightening effect on mood and mood. It helps to be more resilient and cheerful. This stone makes you an extrovert and at the same time strengthens the inner calm. It also centers and promotes meditation.

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