The Universal Tarot by Lo Scarabo

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The Universal Tarot with artwork by Roberto De Angelis.

The Universal Tarot is a reworking of the classic Rider Waite cards Italian-style artwork.

The Italian master illustrator Roberto De Angelis was inspired by the iconography described in A. E. Waite’s works.

He recreating the same symbolic immediacy of the tarots by Pamela Colman Smith in a modern style.

Much of that which has been written about the Waite Tarots can also be applied to the Universal Tarots.

There are, however, some substantial differences.

The softer and more dynamic style of De Angelis captures some of the symbolic synthesis and sobriety of the pre-Raffaelesque illustrations.

In exchange, the more modern and realistic aspect is more consistent with our time and more in tune with the thinking of contemporary man.

In fact, knowing the meaning of the card is not enough for reading the tarots.

We must attune to the image, allow it to speak to our intuition, and suggest and guide during the consultation.

This knowledge was the basis of Waite’s decision to create allegorical images for the minor arcana as well, to provide a pictorial key for the reading.

This is the card deck featured as illustrations in ‘The Tarot Bible’ by Sarah Bartlett.


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