The Tarot of the Secret Forest

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The Tarot of the Secret Forest by Lucia Mattioli

The Tarot of the Secret Forest is a unique deck with fantasy forest scenes on both sides of the cards. The faces of the cards have the scene in colour, while the back shows it in black and white.

These Cards were created by Lucia Mattioli and Pietro Alligo and published by the Italian Tarot house of Lo Scarabeo in 2005.

The Tarot of the Secret Forest is a non-standard deck in concept, imagery, and interpretation, that shows its best side to one who is familiar with Tarot and has the patience to engage with these images.

It can be used traditionally, or it can add another dimension to what would otherwise be an ordinary Tarot reading.

The Tarot of the Secret Forest has the standard 78 cards, including court cards of Knave, Knight, Queen, King and Suits are Chalices, Pentacles, Wands, and Swords.

Both sides of the cards have black borders and feature only numbers or suit symbols. Unusually for a deck from Lo Scarabeo, there are no cards titles in five or six languages that can distract from the Tarot imagery.

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