The Original Angel Cards & Book Set

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The Original Angel Cards & Book Set by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake

The Original Angel Cards  are 72 small Cards and a Guidebook

The Original Angel Cards and Book Set from Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake filled with inspirational messages and meditations.

72 playfully illustrated colourful cards to help invoke your intuitive abilities and spiritual connection.

The set contains 72 cards, a guidebook, and a pocket-size carrying box/case for selection and storage.

Generally considered to be the inspiration for all Angel Cards that came after, these cards first appeared in 1981.

They were developed as part of a board game created for the exploration of consciousness by Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler.

How to Use

The cards provide keywords that help you focus on particular aspects of your inner life.

The more you think about the quality reflected by the word on a card, the more you will find this quality echoing in your life.

You can pick a card at the beginning of a new cycle or a new venture.

You can pick one with a particular task in mind, an obstacle to overcome, or simply to give you a direction to focus on for a certain period of time.

The clearer your aim and the more serious your approach, the more powerful your choice of cards will be.

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