Tarot and Oracle Cards

We now have over 35 Tarot packs and 50 Oracle Cards in stock.

What are Tarot Cards and Oracle cards?

Oracle cards and Tarot cards are similar in that they are both used for personal growth, inspiration, coaching, and divination.

Tarot cards are part of an ancient tradition of divination. The tarot, first known as trionfi and later as tarocchi, tarock, and others, is a pack of playing cards. Commonly it has 78 cards, which are used from the mid-15th century in various parts of Europe to play a group of card games such as Italian tarocchini and French tarot.

Divination using playing cards is recorded as early as 1540. A manuscript from 1750 (Pratesi Cartomancer) documents rudimentary divinatory meanings for the cards of the tarot. In 1765, Giacomo Casanova wrote in his diary that his Russian mistress frequently used a deck of cards for divination

Oracle cards are a modern version of tarot cards. They can range from a deck less than a dozen to a deck of hundred cards. There is no traditional pattern or suits as such for the oracle cards. Oracle cards are also known as the Wisdom cards and are completely different from that of tarot cards. Each oracle deck is different from the next in structure, the number of cards and what cards are present.

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Tarot Rider Waite.       £17.99
Thoth Tarot. Large           £29.99
Troth Tarot Small              £17.99
Morgan Greer Tarot.       £29.99
Universal Tarot.                £69.99
The Good Tarot. Colette Baron Reed £21.99 
Archangel Power Tarot. Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine         £21.99
Tarot of the Druids. Bepi Vigna   £29.95
Shaman Tarot. Lo Scarabeo          £29.99
Oceanic Tarot. Jayne Wallace      £14.99
Native American Tarot…Laura Tuan & Sergio Tisselli         £27.95
Circle of Life Tarot…Maria Distefano        £29.99
The Green Witch Tarot. Ann Moura         £25.99
The Cathar Tarot, John Matthews             £17.99
Ramses Tarot. Los Scarabeo        £23.99
Crystal Visions Tarot…Jennifer Galasso   £28.99
Law of Attraction Tarot…Marina Roveda £27.99
Cat Tarot…C.A. Eschenazi              £27.99
FairyTarot…Los Scarabeo              £23.99
Dragon Tarot…Peter Pracownik £29.99
Tarot Mirror of the Soul (Troth Cards and Book) £32.99
Wisdom Seekers Tarot…David Fontana   £14.99
Guardian Angel Tarot…Radliegh Valentine            £21.99
Ancient Italian Tarot...Los Scarabeo         £23.99
The Fey Tarot…Riccardo Minette               £23.99
Tarot of the Crystals & Gems…AGM        £21.99
Los Scarabeo Tarot….Los Scarabeo           £25.99
Tarot of The Angels…Giordano Berti        £27.99
Byzantine Tarot…John Matthews              £31.99
Oracle Cards currently in stock are:
Angel Dreams..Doreen Virtue & Melissa Virtue £17.99
Archangel Oracle Cards..Doreen Virtue £18.99
Archangel Raphael …Doreen Virtue £18.99
Archangel Gabriel…Doreen Virtue £18.99
Archangel Michael…Doreen Virtue £18.99
Ask an Angel..Toni Carmine Salerno £18.99 £18.99
Magical Messages from the Fairies..Doreen Virtue £18.99
Angel Prayers…Kyle Gray £18.99
Saints and Angels..Doreen Virtue £17.99
Angel cards for children..Diana Cooper £9.99
Isis Oracle..Alana Fairchild £18.99
Namaste…Toni Carmine Salerno £17.99
Blue Angel Oracle..Toni Carmine Salerno £24.99
Message from your animal spirit guides..Steven D. Farmer £18.99
Life Purpose.. Doreen Virtue £18.99 £18.99
Butterfly Oracle..Doreen Virtue £18.99 £18.99
Angel Meditation…Sonia Café £23.99
Magdalene Oracle..Toni Carmine Salerno £21.99
The Power of Love..James Van Praagh £18.99
Money and the Law of Attraction…Ester & Jerry Hicks £18.99
Cherub Angel…Doreen Virtue. 18.99
The Wisdom of Avalon…Colette Baron Reid 17.99
Magical Mermaids and Dolphins..Doreen Virtue 18.99
These are our top selling Tarot and Oracle cards.