Staurolite (Fairy Cross)



Staurolite (Fairy Cross)

Staurolite (Fairy Cross) is a Nesosilicate: Fe2+2Al9O6(SiO4)4(O,OH)2

Source: USA

The name Staurolite comes from the Greek word Stauros, which means cross.

They are also known as Fairy stones or Fairy crosses.

Legend says that these stones were first formed when the fairies cried when they heard the news of Christ’s death.

Staurolite is for seeing the world as the fairies see it.

It promotes seeing nature devas, Earth elements, water spirits, tree spirits.

It enhances your ability to work creatively with the unseen world.

It is a stone for healing with the aid of nature and the planet.

Staurolite is useful in relieving stress.

It eases depression and addictions, it negates a tendency to overwork and overcommits energy.

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