Snakeskin Agate


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A variety of Chalcedony (SiO2)

source: USA, India

Snakeskin Agate can provide us with inner peace, an appreciation of the simple things in life and the very joy of simply being alive.

It promotes within us self-esteem and self-awareness and helps us to stop worrying about the day to day trivia of life.

It can give you strength to carry on when over busy.

One unusual property of Snakeskin Agate is that it is said to help us to blend into a crowd when we wish to remain unnoticed in the background.  This has lead to it sometimes being called “the Thiefs Stone”

Snakeskin Agate is thought to help with both hearing problems and with stomach disorders. During times of extreme activity it is believed to promote physical strength.

Snakeskin Agate also helps to raise Kundalini energy.