Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Pendant (Large)



Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Pendant (Large)

Source: Sleeping Beauty Mountain in Globe, Arizona. USA ( Now closed)

Turquoise is considered to be a bridge between Heaven (Sky) and Earth, grounding us while still remaining open to Spirit.

Many Native American cultures believe Turquoise helps to connect the mind to the infinite possibilities of the Universe, and Turquoise is considered sacred in many Chinese cultures as well.

Turquoise is great for working with the Throat Chakra, to foster honest and clear communication from the heart, and with  Water and Air Elements.

Enhancing intuition, Turquoise also eases communication between the physical and spiritual realms.

Use Turquoise to release old vows, express freely, and ease nerves when speaking in public.

Turquoise is a strengthening and purifying stone, protecting against pollutants.


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