Shamanic Dream Crystal (Lodolite)



Silicon Dioxide; SiO2

Source: Minas Gerais, Brazil

Shamanic Dream Crystals are crystals found in Brazil that contain Lodolite (Lodolite comes from the Greek and means “muddy stone”) and sometimes are smoky with phantoms.

They are excellent crystals for Shamanic journeys. They have a very soft energy, and often are extremely beautiful. They are helpful in inducing visions and can be used for scrying.

Shamans have used these Dreamstones throughout history to enable them to journey into the other worlds, to bring about visionary or healing experiences and to guide them during sleep. Shamanic Dreamstones are great visualisation and manifestation tools. They can take our vibrations higher, which enables us to connect & communicate with the Spirit world and enhances our psychic gifts.

 Use them for past life recall, hypnosis or any healing modality that takes us into the Beta brainwave state, such as meditation.

1 review for Shamanic Dream Crystal (Lodolite)

  1. Nadine (verified owner)

    These shamanic crystal are very beautiful and powerful. i was able to contact a shaman while meditating and he did a shamanic extraction and took me on a shamanic journey. my dreams are much more vivid and meaningful now.

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