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Rhyolite ( also called Rainforest Rhyolite, Rainforest Jasper, Australian Rainforest Jasper)

Rhyolite is an igneous, volcanic rock, of felsic (silica-rich) composition (typically >over 69% SiO2 )  

Hardness variable.

In North American pre-historic times, rhyolite was quarried extensively in eastern Pennsylvania in the United States. Rhyolite was mined there starting 11,500 years ago. Tons of rhyolite were traded across the country because the rhyolite kept a sharp point when knapped and was used to make spear points and arrowheads

A ‘stone of resolution’, helps you to bring to a conclusion any unfinished business. Strengthens your mind and body. Aids change, variety, physical beauty, self-expression, and progress. It helps you to attain your goals and to see your true potential. Brings truth and understanding of your past experiences and clarity of the future. 

Very good for meditation helps you to attain a joyous transcendental state. 

Good for veins, chills, skin problems and the assimilation of vitamin B.