Rhodonite Pendulum.



Rhodonite Pendulum.

Manganese silicate: Mn2+SiO3.

Mohs: 6.

Source: Madagascar.

Rhodonite gets its name from the Ancient Greek for Rose (rhódon ῥόδον). Its colour is Red/pink with black veins/patches.

Rhodonite enhances memory, self-esteem, and confidence to help you to achieve your potential.

It calms reduces trauma, stress, and anxiety. Protects against negativity, removes anger and resentment.

Rhodonite balances yin and yang, grounds, bring compassion and harmony.

To read more about Pendulums, what they are, and how to use them, see https://thezentist.co.uk/articles-at-the-zentist/an-introduction-to-the-pendulum/.


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