Rhodochrosite is Manganese carbonate: MnCO3. 

Mohs: 4.

Source, Argentina, Romania, USA

It is also known as “Rosa del Inca”, “Inca Rose”, or “Rosinca”. 

The name  Rhodochrosite comes from the Greek word rhodókhrōs  (ῥοδόχρως ), meaning rose-coloured. 

This stone attracts love. It increases awareness, intellect, and understanding.

Preserves youth and retards ageing.

‘A stone of love and balance’, physical, mental and spiritual.

It heals and stabilises your emotions and removes depression.

It helps you to face reality.

This stone contains a positively charged energy of universal love and light.

Suitable for meditation and healing the earth.

Balances ‘Ying and Yang’.

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