Puff Adder Jasper


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Named after one of the most poisonous snakes in Africa, Puff Adder Jasper name comes from the markings of the stone which resembles the colouring of the Puff Adder. The name Jasper comes to us from the Greek language. “Jaspis”, or the ancient spelling “laspis”, and was the name of a mythical stone found in the head of the adder snake.

Puff Adder Jasper is credited for driving away evil spirits and ghosts, harmful fantasies, and witchcraft. It was particularly protective against venomous creatures, kept one from drowning, and warded off sorrow.

It provided good health, made one amiable and brave, healed fever and edema, diseases of the stomach, lungs, and chest, and increased fertility, aiding women throughout their pregnancy and childbirth.


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