Yellow Quartz



Yellow Quartz

This Yellow Quartz is a Quartz Crystal that is characterized by hundreds of small terminations forming around the base and sides of the main crystal termination.

This quartz is a comforting crystal that is soothing for the heart chakra and can be useful for any kind of pain or unhappiness.

It can realign the energies of the subtle bodies to heal disease and can also help to heal past life and ancestral patterns or karma.

A stone of hope, this quartz can alleviate feelings of depression and despair and allow you to feel emotionally balanced.

It is a store of information and can allow access to the Akashic records and higher self so you can find the information that you need to help you move forward on your life’s path.

It can also allow you to connect with the ancient energies of Atlantis to access its hidden knowledge and secrets.

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