Phantom Chlorite Quartz Points



Phantom Chlorite Quartz Points.

These Phantom Chlorite Quartz Points are Silicon Dioxide with Chlorite inclusions: SiO2.

Source: Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Chlorite Quartz is the name given to Quartz included with Chlorite.

Chlorite is an iron aluminium manganese silicate hydroxide group of minerals.

The most common mineral of the Chlorite group is Clinochlore.

Chlorite Quartz often forms phantom formations, where Chlorite is deposited on the surface of Quartz.

They subsequently grow larger, creating a green ghost crystal’ within the Quartz crystal.

This type of  Quartz is considered one of the most powerful healing stones.

It cleanses and purifies the aura, chakras, and other energy centers.

It can remove negative energy of all kinds, including anger, hostility, illness, and others.

Creatively, they promote a state of inspiration.

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