What is a Pendulum?

Simply put, a Pendulum is a weighted object suspended on a cord.

There are no specific rules as to which type is best, it is simply a case of what works best for you.

Getting Started

Hold your pendulum cord ( or chain)  between the thumb and forefinger with about 6-10 cm between your hand and the pendulum weight. If you feel drawn to do it differently, do so.

Now try to make it swing in a clockwise motion by using concentration and will alone. No twitches, no blowing, etc.

Then try the anti-clockwise motion in the same way.

This may take a while so persevere.

When competent, it’s time to program your subconscious mind – don’t worry it’s easy.

Firstly, while making the pendulum spin smoothly clockwise by will/concentration alone, say aloud ‘This movement means YES’.

Then spin it anti-clockwise and affirm “This movement means NO’.

It is important to repeat programming at least once a day for a week to embed the suggestions into the subconscious.