Ouro Verde Quartz



Ouro Verde (Green Gold Quartz)

Silicon Dioxide: SiO2.

Source: Boca Rica Mine, Sapucaia do Norte, Galiléia, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Ouro Verde Quartz is mined in Brazil from the Boca Rica mine.

Ouro Verde meaning ‘Green Gold’ in Portuguese, is irradiated with Cobalt 60 (gamma) at a very low dose, which dissipates as soon as it goes in. It is then heat-treated giving it a unique colour and energy.

Healers love this stone and the light it brings into people’s lives, it is said to promote will power and promote general crystal protection.

This enhanced Quartz works on the solar plexus, opening the chakra ready for energy healing or meditation.

Ouro Verde Quartz is also used for protecting Empaths as the crystal radiate a positive light to protect you from the excess energies and emotions that are penetrating your space.


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