Orange Natrolite The 'Stone of Inner Realms



Zeolite: Na2Al2Si3O10·2H2O

Mohs: 5-6

Source: Australia, Germany, India, Russia, the Czech Republic, and the USA. 

The meaning of its name comes from the Greek word “natrium” meaning soda, because of its high sodium content.

Orange Natrolite The ‘Stone of Inner Realms gently synchronises the body’s energy centres, balances energetic vibration and improves overall health. Orange Natrolite comforts, soothes, and restores.  It is a stone to help healing on all levels of the self. It helps the being to live a more peace-filled and positive life, encouraging self-nurture and self-love.

Orange Natrolite helps to ground erratic energy and unstable emotion, whilst settling the mind. This stone strengthens connection with the higher-self and self-awareness. Orange Natrolite helps to create an area of pure love, during energetic practices such as meditation and channeling.

Orange Natrolite helps the immune system and supports the function of the body’s major organs, whilst easing inflammation, swelling and allergies. It can help to ease eye strain, bring healing toward eye conditions, also helping the / body during minor and major healing processes and with self-restoration.


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