Orange Kyanite


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Orange Kyanite

Aluminosilicate The orange color is due to inclusion of small amounts of manganese (Mn3+) in the structure.

Source: Lolindo, Tanzania

Mohs: 5-6

Orange Kyanite has an uplifting and optimistic energy.

While it will align all the chakras, it is particularly good for clearing, activating and balancing the Sacral Chakra.

Orange Kyanite is a super tool to enhance all types of creativity, whether it be in creating art, the way you work with people, or any other place creative thinking is used.

The energy of Orange Kyanite is unlimited in application, making it one of the very best attunement stones.

It aligns the emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual and subtle bodies. Orange Kyanite is a great grounding stone that grounds spiritual energy and balances the yin/yang energies.


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