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Natural Chalcanthite

Hydrous Copper Sulphate: CuSO4 5H20

Mohs: 2.5

Source: Chile

Chalcanthites name derives from the Greek, chalkos and anthos, meaning copper flower

Natural Chalcanthite crystals are very rare in nature.

Chalcanthite is an excellent throat chakra stone. It is said to help further desires through communication abilities. It can help one stay in the now and enjoy life, as well as get rid of feelings of abandonment.

Chalcanthite helps to eliminate delays of things in progress. It is also used metaphysically for insight, clairvoyance, and psychic attunement. It enhances one’s ability to “read” people and the situation.

Chalcanthite is helpful for arthritis, anti-oxidant, arteries, water retention, reproductive system, foot and nail fungal infections.

Chalcanthite should be kept in as close to a moisture-free environment as possible to keep its crystal structure from breaking down.


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