Mother of Pearl and Citrine Pendant



Mother of Pearl and Citrine Pendant.

This Mother of Pearl and Citrine Pendant is sized  3.25 x 3cm.

Its weight is 8.7 gms.

Mother of Pearl forms mainly the insides of oysters and other shells.

A magical gift said to contain the energies of the ‘God of the sea’.

It is worn to protect, reduce fear and bring calm.

It is especially good for those with a hectic lifestyle.

Known to stimulate your imagination, intuition, and sensitivity.

It enhances your endeavours and mental clarity during decision making.

M.O.P. aids co-operation and adaptability.

Citrine has been referred to as the “Merchant’s stone” or “Money stone”, as it is believed it will bring prosperity and wealth.

It helps improve confidence, self-image, and quality of life and brings light and joy.

It stimulates your mental powers helping you to focus and bring clarity of thought in problem-solving and finding solutions.

Known to enhance creativity, intelligence and decisiveness it’s a great crystal for those in business and education.

Citrine is a stone that never needs cleansing and is good for diabetes, spleen, digestion, and blood.

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