Mookaite. is a form of Silicified Porcelanite, depending on the amount of silicification of the original microfossils. Also known as ‘Windalia Radiolarite”.

Colours: Red/yellow/brown/cream.

Mohs 7.

Chakra: Third-eye-Root-Solar Plexus.

Source; Mooka Station, Kennedy Ranges, near Gascoyne Junction, Western Australia

An Aboriginal healing stone.

It bestows strength, brings harmony and balance.

Mookaite helps to reduce the signs of ageing.

An emotional protector.

It makes you more adventurous and flexible, and to see all solutions and outcomes.

This stone aids new experiences but keeps you grounded.

Good for meditation and the awakening of genetic knowledge.

It enhances instinct and communication, especially with the unborn child and animals.

It aids the immune system, healing wounds, and regeneration.

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