Anhydrous Phosphate: LiAl(PO4)(OH)

Mohs: 6

Named after the Montebras Mine, Montebras-en-Soumans, Limousin, France

Montebrasite aids you if you are creative, to enhance your special gifts, as it encourages you to allow your inner brilliance to flourish and prosper.

It is a stone to help you to release emotional hooks from past experiences and relationships and to break free from the past. It contains high amounts of natural lithium, so it is a stone to assist the release of stress and worry and bring calmness and peace of mind.

Montebrasite inspires creation within the fields of music, dance, poetry, and writing, by its vibration of assisting you to be at peace.

Montebrasite is said to help headaches, irritable, bowel syndrome and stomach and digestive system.


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