Messages from the Mermaids

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Messages from the Mermaids Oracle Cards by Karen Kay

Messages from the Mermaids Oracle Cards are a 44 Card set and Guidebook.

Tune in to the watery wisdom of the mermaids and the ocean with this beautiful oracle for spiritual guidance, emotional insight, and gentle, loving healing.

Mermaids are the elemental guardians of the sea. They excel in matters of the heart and emotions and wish to share their wisdom with the human realm.

This 44-card deck offers gentle yet direct solutions to any challenges you might be facing and will guide you in a more harmonious way of living.

Working with this oracle deck will bring forth easy-to-understand messages which can be simply applied in practical ways.

This timeless wisdom combined with beautiful imagery will inspire and encourage you, enabling you to forge a personal connection with the mermaids and your own path towards healing and manifestation.

Each card in this deck is infused with magical mermaid energy that will have a special meaning and message just for you, or the person you are reading for.

Trust the process as each mermaid or merman reveals their message, and rest assured that the wisdom you receive will be exactly what you need at any given time.

So dive into this mystical world, open your heart to the mermaids, and trust that miraculous transformations can happen!

About Karen Kay.

Fairy and Mermaid Whisperer, Karen Kay shares her love for the elemental realms through her work.

She’s a Hay House author with two oracle decks, Messages from the Mermaids and Oracle of the Fairies.

She organizes events including the 3 Wishes Fairy Festival and is a columnist for Soul & Spirit magazine.

Karen is also the founder of FAE and Mermaids Magazines.

In her spare time, she sings, makes music, and creates meditation CDs.

A busy lady who always has time for others and loves to spread her joy and shine her light in this world.

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