Menalite “Goddess Stone”

Menalite comes from Morroco.

A Calcium Concretion, chalky, cream-colored stone.

Menalite is a Stone of Feminine Wisdom, used to enhance divination and open perception to ease the transition through the phases of life.

Menalite is used for treating symptoms associated with menopause, menstruation, fertility, and night sweats.

Menilites are also called fairy stones.

Native American Indians have called them fairy stones for hundreds of years.

They often carried them as lucky charms.

In legend, these special stones assure protection against bad spirits.

A creation & manifestation stone enhances divination, forecasting & boosting intuition.

It creates a deep connection to the wise feminine il & goddess energy.

Removes fear and instills an understanding of the spiral of life.

Excellent for times of transformation as they help to manifest and release the old.

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