Marcasite Balls

Iron Disulphide: FeS2

Mohs: 6

Source: Worldwide

Jewellery Marcasite is a form of Iron Pyrite, ( and is not the mineral Marcasite. The mineral Marcasite, sometimes called “white iron pyrite”.) Marcasite ( the mineral)  is not used as a gem due to its brittleness.

In the late medieval and early modern eras, the word “Marcasite” meant all iron sulfides in general, including both pyrite and the Mineral marcasite.

The name Pyrite is derived from the Greek πυρίτης (pyritēs), “of fire”, it will produce sparks when struck onto steel,

Marcasite helps one to maintain good emotional and intellectual health.

Worn for protection by deflecting negative energies and vibrations. It is very good for those doing dangerous or high-risk work.

Marcasite enhances memory and the ability to recall facts. Aids one to attain top physical condition by tapping into the universal energies.


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