Lepidolite Pendulum



Lepidolite Pendulum

A Lithium Potassium Silicate mica. Formed in pegmatite and granite deposits associated with Tourmaline. Mohs: 3. Source: Brazil.  Lepidolite reduces stress, tension, and depression. It helps to promote a sense of peace, harmony, and connectiveness. Enhances those in business, brings communication, diplomacy, and honesty. Lepidolite also brings abundance to those with green fingers. Aids mental and emotional balance, self-acceptance, restructuring, and astral travel. It promotes a change of energies to the universal one of light and wholeness. To read more about Pendulums, what they are, and how to use them, see https://thezentist.co.uk/articles-at-the-zentist/an-introduction-to-the-pendulum/.


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