Leopardite (Safari Jasper)



Leopardite (Safari Jasper)

The ‘Stone of True Acceptance’, encourages the being to gain awareness of healthy acceptance and understanding.

Leopardite helps the being to understand any cause of conflict when acceptance is being called upon. A stone that teaches the benefit of lowering judgement.

A stone that teaches the importance of respecting all life. Leopardite guides the being toward a fair and balanced view of others, no matter of any difference.

Leopardite brings connection to nature, animals and the spirit of Mother Earth. Leopardite helps to bring grounding and settlement.

This stone helps opens the mind to the wisdom of dreams, spirit, nature and ancestors. Leopardite also works as a guide between the self and other different dimensional beings.

Leopardite also supports the skeletal and blood system, brain function and the kidneys


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