Large Apatite Tumbled Stones.



Large Apatite Tumbled Stones.

These Large Apatite Tumbled Stones are a form of Complex Calcium Phosphate: Ca5(PO4)3(F,Cl,OH)

Mohs: 5.

Source: Madagascar.

Apatite is often mistaken for other minerals.

This tendency is reflected in the mineral’s name, which is derived from the Greek word απατείν (apatein), which means to deceive or to be misleading.

A stone for unconditional love and acceptance.

It stimulates intellect and creativity. Aids information storage, teaching, and communication.

This Large Apatite Tumbled Stone reduces negativity and aloofness.

It helps you to attain inner clarity, peace of mind and spiritual awareness.

It helps you to work with difficult people, brings acceptance and knowledge insight.

It stimulates 0clairvoyance, telepathy and past-life recall.

This stone aids energy balancing and deep meditation. Good in helping to reduce hunger.

It promotes and focuses on healing energies in the body.

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