Lapis Lazuli.



Lapis Lazuli.

Lazurite with Pyrite and other minerals. 

Mohs: 5.5

Source: Afganistan, Russia, and Chile.

The famous Mask of Tutankhamun was inlaid with Lapis Lazuli (the eye surrounds and eyebrows), as was the beard of the mask.

In the Mesopotamian poem the Epic of Gilgamesh (17th-18th Century BCE), one of the oldest known works of literature, lapis lazuli is mentioned several times.

Lapis is a  stone of the Heavens, Friendship and Love, said to have existed before “Time was born”.

It relaxes the mind and body, helps release tension and anxiety. Inspires self-confidence, creative expression and to be organized. Lifts depression, brings hope and happiness to the wearer. Expands your awareness and intellectual capacity to universal wisdom and knowledge.

Lapis protects from evil, psychic attack, and danger. Aids psychic ability and dreams. Good for blood, epilepsy, stomach, and the brain.