Kunzite (Spodumene,)

Lithium Aluminum Silicate. LiAl(SiO3)2,

Mohs: 7.

Source: Brazi, Afganistan, Madagascar, USA, Canada,Australia.

Kunzite is the king of the crystal world and can grow up to 42′ long and weighing up to 65 tons. 

Kunzite is a pink to lilac colored gemstone, a variety of spodumene with the color coming from minor to trace amounts of manganese. Kunzite was discovered in 1902 and was named after George Frederick Kunz, Tiffany & Co’s chief jeweler.

Kunzite brings understanding, calmness and inner peace. It helps you to be strong, open, loving and sensitive.

It removes negativity and protects from others wanting what belongs to you. Aids loving thoughts, actions, and expressions. It provides you with all the steps needed to obtain your goals.

Good for meditation and centering. Good for the heart, lungs, and circulation.