Kiwi Jasper



Kiwi Jasper (Sesame Jasper)

Kiwi Jasper found in New Zealand in 2014 (also called Sesame Jasper); it is an excellent nurturing stone.

It can both sustain and support us during times of stress, and it helps us feel much more tranquil, peaceful and relaxed.

It is also excellent for those who are concerned about ensuring fair play and justice for all.

It is also beneficial for those who are working on overcoming addictive and compulsive behaviour.

It helps to gather up the emotional strength and energy that we need to better face up to reality.

This stone helps cleanse and align all chakras, cleanse the aura, and absorb negative energies.

It is a balancing stone that aligns our physical, emotional and mental bodies with the etheric realm.

It helps with dream recall and can facilitate shamanic journeys.

This stone is suitable for general non-specific and pains. It may also help to balance the mineral content of the body.

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