King Cobra Orbicular Jasper Sphere.



“King Cobra” Orbicular Jasper Sphere.

Size: 5cm diameter. Deight: 271gm.

Source: Madagascar

King Cobra Orbicular Jasper is a spherulitic variety of Chalcedony, micro-crystallized Quartz colored by oxides, iron, and other impurities, with Quartz and Feldspar forming the spherical (orbicular) structures.

King Cobra Orbicular Jasper is a diverse tool that is known as being the Counselor’s Stone or Therapist’s Stone.

The gemstone has a natural field of energy that promotes a calm mind and spirit along with honest introspection and self-discovery.

The power of the stone helps to calm tempers, promote focus & clarity of mind, motivation for staying on track with goals in life and using your head & logic above emotional reactions.

King Cobra Jasper is a natural stone for protection as it sharpens the senses, encourages your predatory abilities to be more driven, and promotes awareness and observation of everything around you.


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