Isua Stone



Isua Greenstone.

!sue Stones from the Isua Greenstone supracrustal belt in Greenland, It is Interlayered iron and chert, called Banded Iron Formations

This recently discovered mineral is among the oldest known, over 3.75 billion years old, from the Y Archaean Eon, making it about 750 million years older than Nuummite.

In 2016, an Australia-based research team presented evidence that the Isua Greenstone Belt contains the remains of stromatolite microbial colonies that formed approximately 3.7 billion years ago. This is the earliest sign of lifeforms on Earth.

From a metaphysical perspective, Isua rock can be very grounding, helping one to anchor one’s soul into the body. It is also a stone of protection. It is helpful for removing blockages and for shielding against negative energy. It is both balancing and energizing, and, due to its ancient age, can be useful in traveling through both time and space of this world.

It can help to reconnect with the state of consciousness in which one first arrived at the Earth and to tap into the Earth’s records.

A stone of truth and ancient wisdom