"Isis" Morion Smoky Quartz



Morion Smoky “Isis” Quartz

Silicon Dioxide: SiO2

Weight: 120gm  Size: 9cm x 3.5cm x 3cm

Source: The Mulanje Massif, Mt.Mulanje, Malawi, Africa

Morion is a type of smoky quartz, this very rare five-faced “Isis” crystal was through natural radiation, from growing near uranium deposits.

Morion crystals have a strong connection to the earth star and base chakras and so have strong grounding energy that can help us to stay connected to Mother Earth and avoid many health problems.

These crystals are also beneficial for a range of healing and life-enhancing applications. Some of the benefits of working with morion crystals include: Detoxifies, Reduces self-destructive tendencies, Aids forgiveness, compassion, and love Helps to reduce and calm tempers, Increases confidence, Helps to see the truth in a situation.

Develops psychic abilities, Aids channeling, Can receive, transmit and amplify energy, Dissolves self-imposed Eases anxiety and panic attacks


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