Howlite is a white porous hydrated calcium borosilicate,

Hardness 3.5

Calms, reduces stress, anxiety, and tension. Promotes new ideas, artistic creativity, and emotional expression.

Removes hesitation and helps improve one’s life. Very good for business people, enhances ambition, patience and communication skills.

Increases awareness, intellect, reasoning, inspiration and the desire for knowledge. Helps balance those who are overworked, eliminates pain and rage. Aids a good nights sleep

Good for the brain, nervous system, balancing calcium in the body, teeth, bones, and tissues.

CHAKRA: Throat/Third-eye.

ORIGIN: California, U.S.A., and Canada.

Available in White ( Natural) Red ( Dyed), Blue (Dyed) and Pink (Dyed)

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White, Red, Pink, Blue