Hemimorphite. (Calamine)


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Hydrated Zinc Silicate: Zn4(Si2O7)(OH)2·H2O

Mohs:3 to 5.

Brings you luck, inner strength, and a discerning mind. Helps you to live a more creative and happy life. Increases your enthusiasm as, confidence. Enhances self-esteem, self-respect, and assertiveness. Reduces self-centeredness, hesitancy, anger, and hostility.

Soothes the emotions and aids understanding of the causes of aggravation. Aids personal growth, to know yourself better, dieting and to regain good health.

Good for blood, reducing pain, cells and treating ulcers.

CHAKRA: Throat.  

ORIGIN: Mexico / Austria / Yunnan, China / U.SA. / Worldwide.


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