Healing Energy Oracle Cards

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Healing Energy Oracle Cards by Mario Duguay

Healing Energy Oracle Cards help you align yourself with the light, love, and wisdom of the Divine with 54 thought cards from author and artist Mario Duguay.

The energy generated by this deck will welcome you to a greater path for transformation, freedom, and realisation. Choose a card, open yourself to the illuminated imagery and messages, and allow their healing energy to awaken your inner truths, peace, and blessings.

About the Author
Mario Duguay, an extraordinarily gifted, internationally recognized artist from Quebec, Canada, has the wonderful gift of touching people’s hearts through his work.

From a young age, he sought to discover his identity and give meaning to his life while exploiting his natural talent for art. His personal journey of self-discovery has led him to develop a unique style infused with the vibrations of spirit, love, healing, and peace.

Described by some as ‘Messenger of Light’, Mario’s paintings, music, and spiritual insights are a great gift and source of hope and inspiration in an ever-changing world.


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