Growth Interference Amethyst

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Growth Interference Amethyst

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Silicon Dioxide: SiO2


Weight: 490gms. Size: 10cm X 8cm X 7cm.

Source: Brazil

Growth Interference Amethyst crystals are formed when another mineral comes in and lies on the crystal during its growth period. Later this other mineral dissolves away, leaving lines like carvings on the crystal.

They have quite beneficial qualities that may assist you when you are accessing the higher realms. Their energy helps to remove any hindrance that is standing in the way of your spiritual progress. This energy is also helpful to remove energy blockages, and this vibration will align the chakras and may be used for kundalini activation.

Growth Interference Amethyst are excellent healing stones and will help you in many different ways. Protects against negative energies and psychic attacks and clears your Aura.

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Dimensions 10 × 8 × 7 cm


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