Green Taralite



Green Taralite™

Green Taralite is Green Andesite: Volcanic Rock

Source: New Zealand

This stone is a volcanic rock placed by type between basalt and rhyolite.

It is named after the “Mother Earth” Goddess Green Tara.

Green Taralite is a stone of wellbeing, happiness, and spiritual light.

It connects one’s awareness to the cosmos and helps one recognise oneself as a member of the entire Universe.

This stone can enable one to enter vibrational resonance with Divine beings in the spiritual realms, including Green Tara herself.

Green Taralite offers the opportunity to invite the Divine presence into the nucleus of every cell.

As the Light of this stone penetrates the entire body, one is also filled with love – the essence of the Divine presence.

Source: Robert Simmons, Heaven and Earth LLC*.

*These Crystals come with a guarantee and definition from Robert Simmons and Heaven and Earth LLC

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