Golden Tiger's Eye Sphere



Golden Tiger’s Eye Sphere

Quartz with Crocidolite showing chatoyancy: SiO2.

Weight: 87gm.

Size: 3.5cm diameter.

Mohs 7.

Source: South Africa,

Tiger’s Eye comes in red and gold, the blue version is called Hawk’s Eye.

Tiger’s Eye attracts good luck, stimulates wealth, and the ability to keep it.

It protects from negativity, witchcraft, and evil. Brings stability, calmness, and clarity.

It helps to eliminate the “blues” to bring brightness and optimism. It allows one’s life to open and blossom. Reduces stubbornness. Enhances your psychic abilities, perception, awareness of your needs and those of others.

Tiger’s Eye balances ‘Yin Yang’. Good for strengthening bones, asthma, brain, throat, eyes, and sexual organs.


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