Gaia Oracle.

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Gaia Oracle: Guidance, Affirmations, Transformation by Toni Carmine Salerno

Gaia Oracle Pack Includes: 45-Card Deck and 88 Page Guidebook

Far back in time, light from the underlying fabric of creation burst forth creating the super-luminous event through which our Universe was born.

Time began its endless journey through ever-expanding space.

The early universe was simply a sea of particles floating through space and time.

But life’s invisible wheels were already in motion and over time the sea of particles became a sea of stars.

From which Gaia, our Earth, was born; a living, breathing entity; our Goddess, our Mother, and our reflection.

Gaia Oracle will point you in love’s direction and help you find the answers you seek.

  • 45 Gaia-inspired images designed to bring peace and healing
  • 45 powerful heartfelt messages that offer guidance and clarity
  • 45 self-empowering affirmations to help you fulfill your dreams


Described as earthly and ethereal, nuanced, and wholeheartedly inspiring, the works of Toni Carmine Salerno have blessed souls across the globe.

An artist, a poet, and a dreamer, Toni opened a gallery and natural healing center with his wife Martine in 1997.

Peaceful, loving, and healing, Ton’s work guides us back to our center, where we can discover the limitless wisdom and creativity that he believes is within us all.

Toni says there is no singular meaning to any of his artworks.

They are beyond words and understanding, just as there is nothing to understand when you observe the simple miracle of a beautiful flower.

His art and prose may trigger something in you that is beyond thinking. If it does, that something is most probably love.

He lives in Melbourne, Australia, where he continues to paint, write, mentor, and be led to new creative ventures.

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