Frosterley Marble



 Frosterley Marble 

Frosterley Marble is Carboniferous Limestone containing fossilised Horned Coral.

Source: Frosterley, Co.Durham England.

It is a black limestone from the Rogerley mine in Frosterley, County Durham.

It contains fossil corals of the Carboniferous Period, some 325 million years ago.

When cut and polished, the result is a beautiful ornate stone, much desired for church decoration, particularly during the Middle Ages.

Sometimes it is called the “Vatican Stone” because of its use in the Vatican, Rome.

It is a stone that promotes positive thoughts within us.

This stone helps to foster feelings of both purity and innocence.

It provides us with common sense and also allows us to exert self-control.

It allows us to think for ourselves and ensure that we always try to do the right thing.

This stone helps to open us up to new ways of thinking and makes us much more receptive to new ideas and new ways of doing things.

It enhances psychic abilities, telepathic abilities and also the power of prayers.

It is an excellent meditation crystal helping to enter into more profound meditation and to the firm innermost quiet centre

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